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Rome City Schools

Flexible Learning Day Plan

Flexible Learning Days are days that students will not report to school and will instead complete lessons or tasks at home or off campus. Flexible Learning Days can occur for a variety of reasons, such as inclement weather or an assigned professional learning or in-service day for teachers.

Rome City Schools understands that students have different learning styles and demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. We also understand that not all families have access to internet and electronic devices. Therefore, we have created a menu of tasks and activities called “Think-Tech-Toe” for literacy and math for every grade level in our school system. This “menu” of assignments contains both activities that can be completed with an electronic device and activities that do not require one. The expectation is that students will choose one task from each grade-level menu board to complete for every assigned Flexible Learning Day. The completed tasks/assignments would be due to each student’s teacher within five days of returning to school.

The Think-Tech-Toe board is divided into three main columns.  The first column is the “Think” column. Within this column, activities are focused on comprehension, fluency, predictions, connections, and analysis with or without the use of additional technology.  The second column is the “Tech” column which is focused on using digital resources to complete the task. This task could involve the use of a chromebook, a smartphone, or even a camera. The last column is the “Toe” column.  This is the “get up and go” column! In this section, students will experience more kinesthetic and creative activities. Our goal for the “Think-Tech-Toe” board is to provide students with content and substance that is standards-based and rigorous, while also allowing student choice.