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Rome City Schools has received the graduation rate numbers and their students are still walking the stage at a rate above the state average. The RCS system reported a 92.9 percent graduation rate for the 2020-2021 school year with the numbers coming in at 83.7 percent statewide.

The system has not seen a significant change from last year’s numbers, a trend that educators are seeing across the state. System administrators are also factoring in the challenges associated with the recent pandemic and new programs implemented out of necessity.

However, school leadership is excited about some information accompanying the recent graduation statistics. RCS did see a substantial increase in the graduation rate of students with disabilities. Last year, Rome High School students with disabilities graduated at a rate of 87.5 percent, an increase of over 10 percent the prior year. The numbers are encouraging and fall in lockstep with the system’s mission of ensuring ALL students will graduate from high school prepared for college or work.

“I believe that maintaining a graduation rate above 90 percent during a pandemic demonstrates the hard work our students, parents and staff are willing to give to ensure our children succeed,” said Dr. Dawn Williams, associate superintendent for Rome City Schools. “I also think this achievement is a testimony to the foundation built by our elementary and middle school programs. The true test to our mission statement, though, will be their success in the next steps. Those steps are getting ready for college or for work, and I look forward to seeing all of the great things our students will accomplish.”

Go Wolves!