West Central Eco Trip 2021

Young minds were running on all cylinders as they dove into a science lesson centered on nature. West Central Elementary’s fifth grade science classes are now studying ecosystems and they were able to get up close and personal with a visit to the Rome-Floyd Eco Center.

While there, Eco Center staff members spoke to them about our local ecosystem and even gave them a ride on the Roman Holiday, a large riverboat the city uses for tours of our river system.

“In science we have been learning about erosion, weathering, sediment and things in our environment that relate to those subjects,” explained Katie Price who teaches at West Central. “So, we decided to take a field trip to the Eco Center and allow our students to see how these lessons translate to their environment. We started the morning on the Roman Holiday where we talked about how sediment is moving, how the river waters are changing the banks and more. We also walked through the wetlands where we looked at how plants help to stop erosion.”

Price said that the students responded well to the trip. She also said that for many of them, it was their first time visiting the Rome-Floyd Eco Center. So, her hopes are that they will return with their families and continue to build on what they have learned in class.

“It is great when you can physically touch the things we have been learning about,” Price said. “We have been looking at pictures and videos, which helps with our lessons, but it is far more impactful when they can see things in their environment firsthand. It was so fun to watch them identify things we have learned in class.”

Price also wanted to send a huge thank you out to the staff at the Rome-Floyd Eco Center. She said that they have been great at teaching the students about their local animals, plants, and waterways.

Jakob Perez, a West Central fifth grade student who aspires to become a marine biologist, said that he learned a lot during this fieldtrip, and he will make the Rome-Floyd Eco Center a regular stop in the future. “I had a lot of fun on the boat and I really enjoying learning about marine life,” Perez said.

Go Wolves!!!