WC Aspire Program

A lively scene of complete creativity and innovation spilled from the classroom and into the hallways on Thursday Feb. 3, as West Central Elementary Aspire students put in some hard work on their projects for Black History Month.

Third grade teacher Natalie Hall said, “Our school focus for Black History Month is Black inventors. So every pair of students in Aspire has a person they are studying who invented something.”

The students were able to choose the medium with which they represent their inventor.
From Chromebooks, to notepads, to cardboard and more, the students worked to create collages and portraits, build cardboard structures, and design with 3-D printing.

Third through fifth graders came together to honor their chosen inventors, “Every partnership is multigrade partnership,” Hall said.

The Aspire students incorporated several curriculum standards as they studied their inventor.
“They are reading, writing and researching for this project,” Hall affirmed. “The students are also learning about different simple machines that were made.”

Hall explained that in addition to their projects, the students are also working on a page for a graphic novel.
“We’re going to put together one big graphic novel at the end of Black History Month that has all of their inventors in it,” she said.

Hall explained that the students currently have multiple projects in motion and that the Aspire program is trying to help integrate a lot of the elements together. For example, the students will be participating in the upcoming Cardboard Challenge hosted by Communities in Schools, therefore they are combining their Black History project with one of the categories in the Cardboard Challenge.

“They’re motivated,” Hall added. “They’re working really hard, and they're happy to be here after school hours.”

Happy Black History Month, Wolves!